Alrighty then I made a great move up the ladder in the league leaderboard yes I am 2000 and some will think thats not to good but lets just remember i was around 12000 just the other day!!! and even some will look up that ranking when we sit down and play and still consider me a donk or play me like a donk but as I know i was having a bad run of cards and primo hands were gettn taken out by bingo players but it seems the WBCOOP events were what I needed to snap me out of it there are no limits now ...As for my little ride in the 8 game event yesterday wow I know now why I hate limit games its for the chasers i feel its more geared for them and no matter how hard ya push with your already made hand you are limited to how hard you can push oh well wasn't my cup of tea but I still had some fun and learned ...Hats off to the pso memebers that placed in that madness lol....took down yet another pso warm up again meeting good people along the way gl everyone have fun see ya at the tables