good day to all the WBCOOP events running have been a good ride so far not as good as I hope for but hey if it was easy it wouldnt be any fun now would it I have only won one $11 scoop ticket so far but have been making it to qual for the ME ticket 3 out of 4 times so that isnt bad really it isnt because I had to step out the comfort zone and play games I dont know that well but what pso taught me was sit and wait and while you wait  watch and learn quickly ya hope as i tried to lol as i said in the form on yesterdays tourny I was doing great yes real great was way up the leader board then i missed read a player and BAAM !! im down to short stack then have to wait for a pkt pr or ace to shove which I do with pkt sevens but they didnt take me to heaven took me out the door but hey the ride was worth it  also I have climb my way back out of the basement in the pso league hey it has been rough there this month i was all the way down in the bottom 11000 or more ranking and I am happy to say I have fought my way out have climbed back up to 3300 or there abouts that puts me at 1530 do I shut down for the month so i can play pso warm ups next month or continue my attempt to charge up the leader board for a better showing ?? I will continue to play  want and need a better showing for my effort and I wouldnt be happy if I didnt try  gl to everyone see ya at the tables have fun