I didnt have a good showing at all in the WBCOOP plo8 tourney lastnight but it happens I think my biggest mistake wa having to many tourneys going at once but hey ya live and ya learn right but was fun today is the day I try and make my move back up the board and get my butt out of the basement lmao but I do get a kick out of the players that look up your ranking in the league then assume you are a donk due to your ranking lmao I guess they havent been playing long because if so they would know all players go thru ruts where nothing goes right no matter what but ya just have to plug ahead and it will fall back in place but hey by their thinking im a donk sure helps play mind games with them lol anyways will try for the wbcoop event this afternoon at the same time playing in my other tourneys which will help me from pushing with hands because im bored lol c ya all later gl and have fun remember poker is a social game( just you want to be like the gov and take the peoples money) lol