time is running out for the league play and its offical i have hit rock bottom yes bottom doesnt matter what i play or not play they are gettn beat  cant push them off their bottom pr suck out to the rvr and catch their second Im hitting a wall in the league play this month that is solid brick I say the league because I have won 3 rags to riches tourneys trade them in for tourney dollars that I am saving also won 3 pso warm ups which I have done the same with also played in 2 WBCOOP qualies and have gottn two mainevent tickets and one $11 scoop ticket and made one final table in the league play so I just cant put a finger on it whats up with the league ??? I have to climb my way back above 1525 if i want to continue to play the warm ups and time is short I do have the points to be active for next months league and will try to make a serious run for the big money !!!! I tried in sept came up short was looking good was 19th with 3 days to go in that month then hit the wall and slide down to finish 215th for the month then so I hope to repeat it i relize it will be hard but now i have gottn alot of notes on players that i lost when my system crashed so it has been a rebuilding month but he lets hope it dont continue into next month also staying up late to play in yet another WBCOOP event tonight the omaha hi low that ought to be fun gl everyone and have fun