wow what a day meet some new people that even pulled for me while playing in a different tourney anyways I played in the WBCOOP PLO and it was the first time I ever played it forsomething other than fun and I am happy with my finish 66th won a ticket to the main event and a $11 scoop ticket could have finished higher but next time .. also today I took down a rags to riches tourney yes lil ol me got another one under his belt now if I just remember that rd 2 is played on sat Ill be fine lol also moved back toward the upward swing of the leaderboard yes around 9000 but hey was bottom yesterday weekend bingo players still got me in a couple yesterday but in the evening I was able to get some positive points even had an itm finish so game is on like I said before going to climb back up above 1525 then shut it down and wait for next month also playing in another WBCOOP event later today hope to see ya all there gl everyone and have fun and to the players that supported my game lastnight thanks it was great to meet ya and talk game with ya looking towards doing doing that again real soon take care everyone