I understand I believe I have to trust all I have read and played and have seen played but I am getting to see that it truely doesnt apply to the games here on pokerstars is it because people treat it like a freeroll ? is it the freeroll mindset dont they realize they pick up habits in the freerolls that carry on to the real money tables ? anyone have a answer please let me know !!!! I do understand I truely do that any starting hand has a brief chance of winning in the beginning but for the love of god would someone play the hands they do and continue to win with ? I mean lets get real here ya play poket aces raise 10x bb and some other player calls with a j 5 off ?????????? and he wins then same named players calls another preflop raise with a 6 7 off hes going against pkt ks this time and again he wins so you tell me how is this happening or are all the current books on poker out of date ? should we truely revamp them or should we just go write a book on how to forget what we have been taught and what truely is the winning formula on pokerstars pso leauge which as its is looking like a bingo fest ??? Is this a little rant on my part ? yes I admitt that it is a little I took a nose dive yesterday in the ranking one for the bad beat one game I did miss play myself then went on tilt watching the madness being played and rewarded in front of me so all I will say is gl with your top hands here because they are doomed to lose its the bingo hands that are top dogs so my advice is throw them away and wait for the trash hands ?? but then again they may not work for you like they do for the well ya know what I was going to call them lol gl have fun and may you be able to avoid the bingo players while you hold a primo hand