you tell me because i see alot of hands played the way they are suppose to but omg when they keep getting beat by the bingo players now i know why most are gettn tired of playing now myself i play aggressive with my top hands and yes sometimes more than I should but what am I suppose to do ya still cant get the bingo tv players to stop and to make matters worse they keep winning its not that they made a better starting hand selection than you because you have pkt aces they are holding a 9 3 off they call your 6xbb and push ya all in and low and behold they win lmao not just once but over and over  so maybe they should rewrite the poker books to conform to pokerstars winning  ways lol hope everyone has good luck at the tables time for me to go play in the pso warm ups sometimes they are good games but they are not far from getting to the level of wild freerolls