well that is what its turned into nothing but bingo players and thats exactly what it has become no longer is it about learning to play a good game the quality of the players has gone down hill !! some may argue with me on that but they will be hard pressed to change my mind!! ya hear it all the time is nothing but a freeroll relax i play better on a real money table I truely believe old habits are hard to break if ya do it in these ya do it on the other table people just dont get it am I upset nope why should i be I already know I cant change it or the way they have it set up  so as for rankings i lmao at means nothing people say look at your rankings ya dont know what you are talking about i can only laugh at them yes my rankings are what they are but i have qualified to send in a video for the big game but didnt have a video also did it for the million dollar challenge both times i beat out 10k people plus other tourneys but thats okay I knew I wouldnt ever be selected for the shows I dont play in those tourneys anymore why should I take the time to play and win against more people than are at the wsop just so I can send a damn video and if my story is sad enough I may get selected how dumb is that ? anyways thats my rant for the night gl at the bingo fest