what can i say other than I am trying to build up my bankroll as we know i took a 4th place finish in a pso tourney which netted me 72 cents I then tried 1 25cent 45 man sng didnt itm there but I did do a 25 cent 90 man sng go and faired much better finished 4th in it so my backroll is now up to 2.32 hey not bad not great but ya have to walk before ya can run as for my standing in the pso it seems I can never get it going always running into walls I wont go into calling them names lol I just have to remember that we were all there at one time or another at least I have gotten away from playing that way lol in time they will too and then they will be yell at their screen why did ya make that call with that hand forgetting that not to long ago they were doing just that themselves lol anyways I am trying to play and build the bankroll with every little cent I can get I dont know if I will be able to play in the pso any more this month after tuesday night but will try gl to everyone see ya at the tables