As I stated in my other earlier entry that it may be a little to late but never give up !! that my goal was to reach the top 100 then maybe more ! Well I started today ranked 168th at 1808.49 in points pg 4 on the leaderboard I belive it was lol So I had a rough but good day at the tables the progress so far are ya ready for this ? In the 10am tourney I finished 29th itm, then in the 1300 tourney I finished 183rd not itm but good for positive points , then in the 1500 tourney I finished 98th itm, then in the 1730 tourney I finished 35 itm ,then in the 2000 tourney I finished 30th itm, but sad to repot that in the 2200 game I finished 508th it was my mistake and ya just cant win all the time but I have learned from that mistake and am looking forward for mondays games as today is the 26th I still have time left to reach my new goal Yes I have a new goal !! As I write this not all results have been posted on the leaderboard but right at this moment with just the results of the tourneys up till the 1730 tourny I am 43rd with 1865.85 in points thats page 1 I am happy to say the least but still have 3 days left to fight for it !! Now they still have to post the results for the 2000 game positive then the negative that comes with the 2200 game but I still hope to be on page one after that is all posted. I hope to start the day out on page 1 and my new goal is top 25 or better !!! as they say ya still have a chance as long as you have chips !! well there is still time in the month is how I see it so dont give up . I did meet some great people tonight and some dang good players !! hope to see ya at the tables and good luck to you