It may be a little to late but ya never know and I never quit !!! not long ago I was ranked around 1050 as of this moment i am ranked 159 I have had some bad streaks along with some good currently 8 out of the past 11 games have been for poitive points . Today in the first one got in the money the 2nd game which hasnt posted yet I finished 132 just out of the money but I hope for positive points the 3rd game well I ran into our friendly weekend warriors that show up and play I got taken out 279th I hope maybe 1 point positive I did say hope I dont know but I hope if it is neg points its not a huge amount I have 3 more to try and play today to try and make it into the top 100 today and make up for the neg points I may get from the last game.and if I hit the top 100 tonight then I will have a new goal for sunday today is the 25th and we do have 5 more days to get as far as we can up that leaderboard .. GL everyone and hope to see ya at the tables oh and I did take the sng quiz today too and I passed it thats a good thing lol