really you have to be freaking kidding me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! today has been full of ___________ nope even as mad as I am I wont say it but you can fill the blanks in I went in total reverse today due to one bad read and the rest total f______ ing Id_____ s but as I have said before the game needs players lacking like that so I took a bad beating today real bad to say the least all early exits and big negative points and by looking at their rankings they wanted to bring me down to their level which is the cellar so I guess they win today its hard to lol at this but what else is there for me to do Ive gone from ranking 300 something to lord knows what now ???? and I was the fool for thinking that the pso was gettn better players at this stage but I was proven wrong today lol oh well have to really try and gather it up and try to get positive attitude and points as well dont know if that is possible ??? I really confused at this moment and tilting yes I will admitt it for once in a long time ! dont get me wrong I have delivered some bad beats in my day but they were due to a misread on my part I sure as hell never called a 6xbb with a 6 4 and a 9 3 so today instead of moving up into the top 200 n am heading the other way my choice of hands havent hurt me hats off to the people at the top and i bow to the ones at the bottom they have taken my legs off from under me I wish everyone luck at the tables maybe I will see ya maybe I wont I dont know If I will continue the quest in this months league good luck to the good players I have meet and watch out for the ones I have mentioned they are running amuck in here