today all in all wasnt a bad day moved up some ground and lost some ground oops but by far better days to come am up to 340 right now didnt make the money in the 8pm game but close enough to where i should get good points for it but then the 10pm game was an early exit i raised pre flop got call by two flop 6 6 2 i had pkt 8s so my thinking was they played high cards to call my raise so i pushed 1 guy folds the other takes me with pkt 2s he called my raise with pkt twos lol of well live and learn my head was still in the later stages of the last game where ppl respected bets and didnt come in with the lowest pr from late position lol my mistake i noted him we shall meet again and then he will be on the rail wondering why it happened lol so i did manage to get to a ranking of 297 today but have to wait and see what the damage is in the morning gl everyone its moving week so hit the tables bring your best game and move up gl everyone see ya at the tables