well was doing good in the school was making a move up in the ranks was up to 788 but after gettn my butt kicked out in the first 3 today early by weak chasers get rewarded with runner runners whats a guy to do nothing but suck it up butter cup and make up for it in the next I have noted the foolish plays by them and will put them ( those players) in the cellar where they belong in the next ones and no my hands werent marginal ones they were strong and got stronger on the flop just seems today you cant push those chasers off the house rewards lol there are more to come and its still early in the month so i will make up for it on the other tourneys i have played today i have placed in the money so i guess if ya want a real game where they understand the moves and respect the bets ya have to play there lol I understand this is a school but some plays are just out of this world but it sure makes the game interesting to say the least lol gl everyone hope to see ya on the tables and dont forget to bring your best game