if you read this and see me on the table tell me what you would have done here we go late in an tourny the lambo i'm at 190k here are my stats out of seeing 90 hands i only played total of 17 yes 17 out of the 17 6 went to showdown and i was 6 for 6 and took 8 without going to showdown which i think is prety damn good game going on anys they ay not to take on the chip leader hes position 1 im on the button i have been watchiing and waiting hes be playing way to loose i have a good read on him target set he bets one bet over the blind i know he has no ace buut everyone folds to me im on the button with k q offsuit ( yea I know ) not real power but my read is i have him and yes I want a heads up between him and i so I go over top to push the blinds out of the way 5 times the blind they fold he calls the flop comes 7 q k i just flopped top two pr i bet pot he calls turn brings the rvr its a j he bets big but i come over top again he thinks then pushes me all in remember my read is i have him i call he turns over k j the whole time i had the right read he was behind the whole way but as fate would have it yes thr rvr brings the j go figure thats poker i guess when ya see me tell me what ya would have done in my position or your thoughts i feel i read right and played it right or do ya think i shouldnt even had taken him on with that hand ? good luck on the tables hope to see ya soon