I got to play on a table with some of the leaders here in the league and i wasnt impressed i see that all they do is sit out yes they just sit there !!! of the nine at the table only 3 were play omg I got so bored and realized why sit here and play so i donked myself out to the only two other people playing at the table why you may ask ? because they were dragging the game out by no play just playing the clock you know what i mean by that I dont even care what i did for points in the pso tonight great news is I got another 2000 freeroll ticket for this weekend so I'll be playing in both sat and sun 2k freerolls and the qaulifiers for these one had 7000 and the other 9000 and they were better tourneys than the psos as for quality of play the challenges etc and there were less ppl sitting out anyways have good luck at the tables and dont be affraid of the so called league leaders