It all sounds so "yesterday" and "I wish I had known that ?!!" You will have to knock me down and drag it out of me. I am .. no , I am not ..


..some of us are just not born for this. I have tried and I cannot succeed.  "What?!! "you might ask yourself .."is he ding-dong diddle?..I am of a sound mind and can hold my own in this language , my second. What I struggle to put in words sometimes frustrates me. The story I am not gonna tell you about is "the complex one".. no ..never mind that...arrghhh. Some of you guys/ girls are "el-naturelle" with this "blogging" stuff..Our kids are basically "born" into a new age of "lol-ing" , while we ..never mind. Excuses..I will not make any as it will not matter ..later