So far Pso has been a very friendly website. Pso has everything to enrich your game including; A free card room, good selection of games, articles and a huge multimedia collection of poker videos for free! The Pso community is very mature compared to most online poker- rooms; they will likely help you through the forums or even on ventrilo. One of the features that enhances your experiences while playing and learning is the league games found on pso. The Pso league games are one of the reasons why one can find many quality players and good decisions during tournaments and ring games. I have talked with some members of this website, and most of them agree that this their favorite websites to train their skills to prepare for major tournaments. I cannot disagree to them, this is simply the best poker school online. This is my first week of joining this website. I started reading the general poker articles of Doyle Brunson and Roth Slotboom. I wanted to skip directly to the NLHE section but was advised to learn the basics, so I thought; it wouldn’t be bad to learn the essentials before trying to swim with the sharks ( and there’s many swimming around Pso). All in All, it has been a gratifying experience; I read, take notes and apply the advices. after all, one must play thousands of hands, learn from reading and experience and take notes on your progress on your way to become better at poker. I have learned many things during this week, things that one may say are quite obvious, but in reality there’s people that won’t apply this concepts. Things like starting hands according to position, positional advantage, rake %, tells, betting patterns, how do opponents view you, etc. Most recreational players don’t care about their surroundings and these small considerations that can give an edge over the competition. To enforce my game I have been playing ring games and tournaments on pso, I am doing fine on my tournament results, but for some reason; ring game take a whole different approach; so, I always get pwned in ring games. I have managed to built a small pso bankroll of 3k by playing a lot of freerolls and a couple of$20 and $50 SNG’S and Mtt league tourneys. It is interesting to note how different people play depending the structure of the tournament and players left. I am starting to appreciate the big swings of poker in order to control tilt in the future. Taking notes of your opponents is essential to be able to put your opponent on a range of hands. I will be posting an analysis of my poker hands sooner or later if I can find a graphical hand converter, but if I can’t find one I’ll briefly explain my most common mistakes and what I’ve learn about them. This is Nexar and I’ll be seeing you next time maybe in two weeks because my college schedule is gearing towards tests. You could find me at +7 am central time (Texas) as I have classes during midday and get out a 3 pm most days; so I’ll usually play in the mornings and probably in the afternoon if I have free time like around 5pm. I wish you good pot odds and no luck, just skill. -Nexar P.D. A little bit of luck isn’t so bad every once in a while xD