Well its been ages since i made a post, and basically it just comes down to time restraints and sheer laziness to make a post. So i thought i would get my slack ass back to some blogging!

So where am i at now?? I have still been grinding away and am glad to say im finally playing 5nl its been a long slow slog but im finally there!!

Starting Bankroll - $60 (Playing 2nl)

Current Bankroll - $200 (playing 5nl)

The plan is to take a shot at 10nl once i hit $250 and move back to 5nl if i get back to $200, Im going to be trying to play 1-2 thousand hands per session a day if time permits, 1000 if im 4 tabling, 2000 im if 6 tabling. I vary my tables depedant on how i feel etc.

So thats where im currently at!