Well back to the 2nl 6max tables today. Being a sunday i was a bit busy with things around the house, but managed to get a few hours free in the afternoon to belt some hands out. And will do more later on tonight, maybe another 500-1000 or some SnG's!? Still havent decided on my game yet.



So if anyone is reading this and makes a few side dollars every month even like $100 for the month let me know in the comments what game you play and why you feel its more beneficial for someone in my situation, That would be awesome!

So after a terrible start i was gettin bad beat after bad beat. flushes beaten by staright flushes, set's beaten by over sets, random 2 pair callers calling air on the flop on hitting turn and river etc etc, the list goes on and i was down around $8-10 and ready to pull the pin and blame myself for maybe bad play and go back to the SnG tables. But i hung in there and said NO, ive set myself this 1000 hand limit for the day and thats what im going to do.

Thank the poker gods for finally shining on me, things started slowly going my way and the bad beats subsided and after my 1000 hands had be played i was up around $11. which i was very pleased about. 

As mentioned im still not 100% sure if i want to focus on pursuing SnG's or cash, so will try do some more thinking tonight and see how things go.

Take care all and have a great weekend

Regards Kevin.

Heres my graph and stats for the day.