Well here i am already messing with the "game plan" Jumping from cash games to SnGs. But i have been really enjoying playing sit n gos. I thought i would load a couple up just for a little change and had great fun and played half decent i thought. SnG's were my bread and butter back about 4 years ago when i used to play alot but the games ive noticed are alot more tighter then they used to be


So i played 1 mtt and the rest has been SnG's where i would pick 1-2hour session load up 4 tables of the mirco $1.50 SnGs and reload another if it was within that time period if either i lost or placed. Once the time was up for the session i would stop loading tables and play out what was left on my screen.

Again due to being a family man, i still feel cash will benefit me more (being able to sit out randomly and back in etc) and with the whole "make some pocket money" in mind i feel cash would be better also, But i do need to do some more study on cash and run up a few thousand hands to see how im actually going....

100+ SnG's or 5000+ hands of 2nl then see how im running at each game.... hmmmmm?

Heres how ive been running since i started the SnGs in total. Hardly no games played to even care about but still thought id show it haha. its about 40 games, and the big steep incline there is the mtt i placed in.


Heres my last session i played today which was only a 1 hr session  4tabling loading tables as i either placed or lost. 12:30pm to 1:30pm.