Hi PSO community and welcome to my new blog.

I know this has been done and said many times before, but im donig this blog for my own benefit or keeping records and intercating with the community while hopefully gaining some insight and learning along the way.

ABOUT ME: My names Kevin Newton, 29years old married to my beautiful wife with 2 young boys, and play under the SN of (Newtonboy85) on pokerstars. Ive played poker for many years on and off and recently took a 4year break when my youngest was born, nothing serious just a mix of sng's, cash and random mtts across pokerstars, full tilt and PKR.

GOAL: My current goal at the moment is to grind up a bankroll however long this takes weather it be months or years to get to a point where I can make $500+ a month. Just a little bit of extra income to spend on something nice at the end of the month. I work full time as a Personal Trainer and enjoy bodybuilding and surfing. So work and my family are my priorities so any (+$) at the end of the month would be nice to withdrawl.

GAMES ILL BE PLAYING: Im still a little bit undecided on this, But im pretty sure ill be sticking with 6max cash games. I want to pick a game, learn as much as i can about it and master it.

GAME PLAN: Ill be starting with about $60 (not much I know)  and playing the 2nl no limit games until i grind up to $150 where i will take a shot at 5nl. Ill be following the usual bankroll management plans regarding when to move up in stakes etc. I be trying to work my way through the stakes and make it as high as possible. There will be no withdrawls while im building my roll. Ill be playing playing 4 tables at a time. I feel cash games are best for me, espically with having a family and interuptions from time to time where i may have to sit out randomly.

EXTRAS: Ill be using HM2 to record all my data and stats etc, so ill be posting all of that info as i go along, So any tips reccomendations or place's where you can see im going wrong would be greatly appreciated..

I will log my hands and stats after every session i play once i learn how

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog

Regards Kevin N.