Sometimes, choosing a good name in online poker proves to be a tough decision. Since there are so many players and each of them is trying to look the best, there is a small chance that your name to be remembered and recognized in online poker. This is about you and your way of playing if you wager on the importance of the name or not. Many players try to impress with their names using this detail in their playing strategy. Here are a few tips to help you get a better grip. All the tips are based on my understanding of how to generate a good name, after checking out that of other players on the table. 

Tip #1 Analyze The Name Chosen Already

Having a famous name can sometimes be risky or even dangerous. No wonder that almost all online poker players use aliases to be recognized in game. However, if a poker player is talented, will be recognized in less time and will take part not only of gains but also mental comfort at the table. Before you choose a game name, examines how they are chosen. Find the best and see what the strategy behind their name is.

Tip #2 Using a Pseudonym is a Good Way to Protect your Privacy

When online poker players began using aliases, the game has become safer and more secure. In fact, if the game gives a player's chances of winning significant amounts, some players become aggressive when they meet, and thus spoil the game. At the beginning of online poker, sites used to provide complete information on every online poker player to enter the community and encourage socialization thus the game experience became more pleasant. When you know that your opponent is one of the best online poker players you are more careful and thus increase the charm of the game. However, this wide range of information on players has not proven to be safe. Therefore, everything you read about others is exactly what they want you to know. Keep this in mind and think that behind every name there may be a strategy game.

Tip #3 Reading Pseudonyms Can be Difficult

Do not let the names confuse you!


We know that poker is a game of lies. It can be very easy for an experienced player to play under another name and act as a newbie so his opponents to be very relaxed and give him the opportunity to attack. Good players know that poker charm is divided between playing and profit, so they will try to maximize both.


Only the involved players can read what is hidden behind a pseudonym. The inexperienced ones will try to decipher the names if their opponent is an old player or not. On the other hand, when your nickname is known and easily identifiable, you will have more exciting poker games online. Your name can be intimidating, can relax or be ignored by others. You're the only one who decides what happens when you enter a poker table.

Author Bio:

Curt Peterson is an avid poker enthusiast, and somewhat of an expert on all things poker. For a long time now, he has taken part in poker tournaments the world over. He has also loves writing whenever he gets the time and has written a number of articles on poker.