If Your tired of being called a Donkey just because you caught your hand on the river and the player you beat had pocket Aces. Then proceeds to call you a "DONKEY" and practically stalks you on other tables. Well my fellow Donkeys its time to try my new home game called POKER DONKS. Its for members that I like to call real aggressive. Just cause we like to play loose and fast should'nt be looked like we dont know how to play . So why dont you join me and a few friends as we start our new game Poker Donks Starting on Sunday January 23,2011 at 8:00 Pm MT 7:00 pm PT. Come on we'll have fun and be proud when we get called DONKEY.To get the password just go to my E-Mail  goldenboyaz@yahoo.com  and I will send you the Password. So lets have some fun this Sunday at 8:00 pm MT 7:00 Pm PT I hope to see you there good luck everybody