Hello all,

I've been a member at PokerSchool Online for a few years now, and have not been very active in the activities that it offers.  In the last month though I have been reading plenty of forum and blog posts and slowly coming to realize the benefits of participating frequently and often as well as keeping a blog to keep yourself grounded and on track to achieving your goals. 

So, now I begin to write my first ever blog post, iterating my goals for 2015 and how I plan to achieve them.

Goal #1 - Achieve a monthly ticket to the Premier Skill League

- To do this I will play the Open Skill League Tournaments as often as I can and get in as a top player on the monthly leader points.  Monday-Thursday 5:00pm and 9:00pm tournament will be the most frequently played. 


Goal #2 - Play 500 of the Big and Hot tournaments, up to a $3.30 buy-in. Once my bankroll grows     to $500 then we can add another 100 tournaments at the $4.40 buy-in level.

-  The majority of these will be played after 5:00pm, except on weekends it will start earlier in the morning depending on my schedule. 

-  If the Hots turbo format proves to be too tricky to start, they will be put on hold until Goal #3 is achieved


Goal #3 - Study the MTT and Regular and Turbo Tournament videos at PokerSchool Online to improve the games I am playing. Also, attend Live Trainings at least twice a month.

-  On the weekends during tournament breaks I will watch 1-2 videos a day, while taking written notes at the same time to look at in the future.


Goal #4 - Write an entry in this blog to update my progress and to re-evaluate my goals.

- I will write this blog on the second and fourth monday of every month


Goal #5 - Keep my Chrome Star throughout the year, and do not cash the VIP rewards to use for tournaments

-  Stick to my goals and I believe this is very achievable, along with discipline.


My Starting BankRoll is $171.09.  Although this doesn't fit proper bankroll management I believe my skill will make up for this shortfall. 

I am happy to hear productive criticisms and words of encouragement from fellow poker players.

Well wishes and best of luck at the tables in the new year to you all.


See you at the tables,