Good morning everyone. Yesterday I'm kinda split on how I did. I followed my plan for the most part. I did have two bad secessions. The first tourney I went all-in early, Which I am going to get away from. In the second tourney I stayed more patient, although I did not seem to be able to get passed 10000 chips. I think I played to many hands. In the third tourney I went out with a good hand, but got beat by a better hand. It was still way to early to go out. The fourth tourney was the best I implemented a few things I read from the pro topics and finished in tenth. I also played better hands. I also think there was a couple hands that I folded were the winning hands. It was still not the right time in the tourney so I folded. So I had a 79th place and 10 place finish yesterday, not to mention I jumped 308 places to 112 so I'm pleased with my day. I'm not setting any lines today, lets just see how much more I can improve today. I also want to say there was some good sportsmanship in 4th tourney yesterday. I was BB one hand one person just called it went in with A-A, I had 2-9. I ended up flopping 2-9 and won the hand. If he/she raises theres no way I call. Good luck everyone Mark(nekred)