Hello Everyone, Okay maybe I'm not going to the top top, but my goal is to climb up the rankings after each day. So far so good from day 2 to day 3. I went from 425 to 420. Okay so it wasn't that big of a jump, but I consider it to be okay. I know that in the last two tournies I did something I said I would not do. I had good pre flop hands and got beat by pushing which I haven't been doing in the begining of this PSO thing. I went in with J-J all-in got beat with 8-8 when he flopped 8. That was okay I'm not hating him, any hand any given day can win. What I was mad at is I didn't play my game. Which is to be patient and go deep in these tourneys. Before Pokerstars started the ratings I had 4 top 50's and two second place finishes, this is what I am going to get back to. My new goal is to atleast make it to top 100 in every tourney. I'll keep reporting in as they go along. Good Luck to everyone!!! Mark(nekred)