Been having a great couple days, but considering taking a day off because despite being up money, i feel soooooo awful about my play. 

Had a great run in a $33 Horse GTD tournament and was chip lead for almost the entire tournament.  During most of the middle stages, I had nearly twice the chips of the player in second position.

Then the final table comes- im still chip lead with 6 remaining, and we hit the Omaha hi/lo  section.  I go from 100k in chips to 38k in less than 10 minutes, losing two giant hands, both of which i held AA23. 

What have i learned from this?  No more HORSE until i improve my Omaha game.  During the final table it really dawned on me that, say i have AA23 and the flop comes 6 J 5, i really don't have much of an idea what to do. 

My two big losses, I was holding out with the nuts low hand, and the 3rd low card never came.  The real eye opener though is, in one of these hands, my opponent also held 23 (the low nuts) and i would've been crushed even worse if i hit.

So, my plan for now is to hit up some real low limit Omaha tables, as well as reading up on PSO, and hopefully i can win the next HORSE tourny i enter!

By the way, i finished the tournament in 4th, for a win of the most bitter $183 i will probably ever experience.  ( first place was 580)

Good luck and Hope you hit your Outs!!

Leave me a comment with which HORSE game trips you up the most?