Hello Pokerstars world,

I've just set up PSO and have enjoyed reading some of your blog entries, and thought starting one would be a good way to share my stories and track my progress.

My story-  Im a gambler at heat, a couple months from finishing up my philosophy degree, and man do i love poker.

I started playing online poker 3 years ago, and struggled with gambling addiction for some time.   I ended up maxing out my first credit card, and going into the hole, very very deep.   As a full time student, with a maxed out credit card, I was obviously in trouble.  I took some time away from the game getting a full time job and clearing off my debt.

About 6 months ago, i started betting with a high degree of success on NHL games, and decided to use some of my winnings to start playing poker again.

Over the last few months, I have been very up and down, but I am currently sitting with $360 in my account, only $40 less than my $400 ( no bonuses ).   I have been playing ALOT, and even though i am slightly down, i have cleared just under 4000 VIP points and taken no rewards so i feel like im about even.

My question for anyone reading this far is what do you use your VIP poins for?  tournaments? swag? cash? 

I can most frequently be found at $1/$2  Razz tables, come say hi!