Hey guys,

  So to start this off..ya, I've had some decent tourney finishes over the past year.. won the Sunday Rebuy, 2nd in Sun 2nd Chance, 4th in Super Tues, won the hot 75 and other smaller 5 figure scores, but this post is about the last 3 months which have been, poker wise, horrible.

  In May I was excited to get started with WCOOP and sure that it would be another great month, however, I was rudely disappointed..I ran really badly and played badly to boot I think. I kept in mind that I had the WSOP in June to look forward too though.

  In June I headed to Las Vegas for a couple weeks only to go 0/10 in live tourneys, which feels a LOT worse than going 0/10 in online tourneys because the fields are so much worse and 10 live tourneys takes 10 whole days whereas online you can play 10 tourneys at a time if you like. I did well in 5/10 cash but still lost for the trip...I came back early because my wife thought she was going to go into labor early.

  3 days after getting back to Mexico, we packed up and headed to the USA to wait for our baby to be born so he would have US citizenship..after 2 weeks of a hotel, our son, Christopher, finally was born...

  After returning to Mexico shortly after that..I took some time off to focus on family and came back rejuventated and ready to play mtts again, but have been on a big continuous downstreak since starting again. I feel like it will all turn around shortly though and just wanted to give an update on where I'm at right now in life and poker.

 Thanks for reading guys and if you have any poker related questions, don't hesitate to ask! I like helping people with their game.