Hey guys,

 Just went to LA and won a $235 WSOPC 100k guarantee for $32k..came back, got horrible food poisoning for the first time in my life on sunday night...was hospitalized in the morning...was released later that day, and then on Tuesday would be an opportunity for the biggest score of my life!

  So I decided to hesitantly reg for the Super Tuesday because I had been violently ill for the past 2 days and luckily I did because I found myself at the final table some hours later with a well known opponent (TheLipoFund) at my table.  I played well overall for the final table but wound up coming in 4th for $47k...I guess it's a really big score for me (2nd biggest of my life), but there was still quite a bit of disappointment at not finishing strong and winning =/. It was still a blast to compete with some great players and look forward to continuing to play on the best site out there. 

 If you guys have any questions, don't hesitate to ask...gl at the tables.