Hey guys, first an update on how this year has gone so far online:  1st in the 109 Sunday Rebuy for $54k (chopped and won the hu for 5k), 2nd in Wed 100k for $19k, also just before the new year chopped 3 ways and came in 2nd in Sunday 2nd Chance for $32k...a few other nice tourney finishes happened as well and that led to the decision to gift myself a WPT ME:


 I'm writing this about an hour after getting back from the WPT ME...got knocked out QQ<AK on 3rd day (today) gg had 13bbs..he opened utg..i shoved from mp...he snap called and spiked a king on the flop. The 3 days that I was there, however, were nothing short of spectacular...first day I got to play with none other than Phil Ivey, which was awesome! The one cool hand I played against him was...me 54hh otb...him mp..he opened to 400 (blinds 100/200) CO flatted...I 3bet to 1325...he called me surprisingly...flop A8A..i cbet just under half pot and he insta mucked....i ended the day at 37625 (starting stack was 30k)

the next day got to play with Justin Bonomo, Jennifer Tilly, Martin Stazko (really nice guy!), and also Daryll FIsh..nothing good happened that day except for getting to see J Tilly's tight tee shirt..don't think it was worth the super cooler she gave me though.....me top set TTT...her nut flush...lost the minimum though, but still big pot.

Last thing I have to say is a semi side note about Jonathan Duhamel...We were standing in line for food...I didn't have a voucher and thought that players would get 1 voucher for each day of the tournament for food (not true =/)...I asked him like I didn't even know who he was, "dude, where do we get our vouchers?"...without hesiatation he quickly responded to me in a very friendly and humble manner that we are only given one voucher for the tournament and directed me to where and who can give me the voucher haha.  Point being is that Jonathan Duhamel is somebody to be looked up too and someone that is a great ambassador to poker. Not necessarily for his great results (which are great obv, I mean he won the main haha)  but definitely for how he treats others.