Hey guys so 2 days ago I found myself doing really well in The Big $109 with a substantial chip lead with about 15 players left and about 8th in chips in a $22 15k with about 18 people left when all of the sudden the screen freezes and it shows that I'm running on battery power on my laptop, which can only mean one thing: NO POWER!    So I had the following options:



1. Close the laptop, punch the nearest non-living thing near me about 50 times and give up on the day.

2. Call my friend who lives down the street to see if he has power (also plays online).

3. Drive to Starbucks and use the wireless there which often times is horrible.


I chose option 2 and luckily his power was not out so I jumped in my car and raced to his place.  By the time I sat down and got the tables up, I had lost 60k in The Big $109 but was still 1st in chips and had dropped down to 12th or so in chips in the $22 but 3 people had been eliminated.

 It was a swingy ride that led to me being knocked out in 5th in the $109 from a questionable cold 4bet jam with JTo from the bb against a super lag utg mr and an otb 3bet (I was 5th in chips, he had a high 3bet% but had been playing tightly for the ft which is why my decision was...horrible =/)....otb had AQo and gg but things could have been MUCH worse had there been no power in the city.

well thanks for reading and until next time