Hey guys,

 About 3-4 weeks ago I was in 1st place with 3 people to go in The Big $162 (a great tournament on PokerStars), and we decided to discuss a deal or 'look at the numbers'.  The chip counts were as follows.

(Me) 1.4 mil,   900k and   260k

1st place outright for the tourney was a whopping $25k! 2nd was $18k, and 3rd was $13.6k

After looking at the numbers, I would have received $21.6k if I had typed the words, 'i agree', but instead greedily asked for $22.5k because I felt I had a pretty big advantage in short handed play and especially in HU play against my opponents.  As soon as I asked for more, one of my confident opponents happily declined with a 'BOOM! let's play'...and shortly after that I found out the hard way that there is A LOT of variance in a small amount of hands no matter how big your advantage is.

 I quickly found myself out of the tournament after 2 coolers in the 900k stack's favor.  I still won the most (at the time) ever in a poker tournament for me with $13.6k but will always remember how much of a blunder it is to not take a chop if the numbers are fair.

  The only way I could make an argument against chopping there is if I had about $500k or some enormous bankroll that would allow me to gamble any edge I felt I had for those amounts, but at the time I had only about $5k so it was an obvious mistake but definitely a great learning experience! 

 Until next time!  NateSD222