My results at 2NL have been very erratic over the last few months when I've been playing on and off without putting any time into improving my game.

I know my biggest leak is calling off my stack with big pairs when I know I'm clearly beat. I do many things well, but this leak basically is costing me turning a profit becauses the pots get so large. I don't know why I assume everyone is bluffing.....or why I just need to see what they had.

I'm still learning how to use my HUD properly but I managed to create a simple report that showed me how much I'm winning/losing with each starting hand and how much I'm winning/losing in each position. It's interesting to see that I'm losing quite a bit of money playing AQo and I didn't really appreciate just how much money you lose in the SB and BB and how profitable it is playing on the Button. I mean, I knew about these things theoretically but it really hits home seeing it in your own stats.

This week I came across a blog by ArtySmokesPS. The series is called Smokin' Poker - The ABC of 2NL.

I have devoured this series over the past week and read all 19 posts over two days. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever read about playing microstakes cash games. I can’t wait for more posts from Arty. For me personally, the table selection post was a real eye-opener for me considering I already thought I exercised some level of table selection. Stupid me didn't even know you could filter by VPIP...<slaps head>... So I set about setting up my pokerstars view as described in the blog and started labelling players using his colour coding recommendations... It took me an hour or so to set up all the variations (nitty set miner etc) but I've got it working now. I do need to find a label for those players that aren't nitty or TAGs but not LAGs. Sort of somewhere in the middle....25/20 ish....They're not super loose aggressive and they're certainly not maniacs but they are just a little bit looser than the for thought anyway. I've labelled them bright orange but need a good tag...

Anyway I plan to re-read the entire blog again this week to reinforce what I've learnt because I know it all hasn't sunk in but it has already improved my game.

Leaks I always need to be reminded of and work on:-
1. Stop playing small pockets in early position
2. Stop calling with average holdings from the small blind (but it's only 1c!!!! lol)
3. Stop calling raises out of the blinds (but there are 3 callers!)

I'd post my results for the week so far but I'm struggling posting a picture..... Any assistance would be appreciated!! I'm loving blogging and thinking about the game in new ways (even if no-one ever reads this).