I've played twice this week at my usual pub poker and won both tournaments. Wednesday night at my little $12 game with a double add on for $20 and Saturday night at my $22 game with a $10 add-on. So my winnings for the week are $540 cash plus $80 worth of satellite tickets for other events.


I've been playing 2-3hour sessions of 2NL cash games of a night after Athena goes down to bed at 7pm. The last 2 sessions I seem to be continually spewing off chips when I've got JJ or QQ on a T high board by the turn.... I just can't fold when I get re-raised on the flop and then again on the turn. Even in my own head, I'm saying, they've got AA or KK..... I've been calling and sure enough...I've lost a chunk of chips, it's really noticeable.

So for training this week, I'm going to review some posts and some training vids about playing premium pairs (and knowing when to lay them down.....).

I'm going to watch this series of sessions by TheLangolier and see what sinks in!



Well I watched the sessions (unfortunately there were many AK spots) rather than premium pairs (AA twice - must be nice!). But I did take away a few valuable things from the training.

1. Even though I might be holding JJ or QQ - being out of position is still a major disadvantage in a cash game where I'm deep stacked.

2. I shouldn't be playing huge pots with one pair. I certainly shouldn't want to stack off with one pair.

3. Be careful not to get suckered in by calling a re-raise on the flop when there is the threat of big action on future streets (that I can't really get involved in).

I guess the problem I have in 2NL is that I'm sitting down with 250 BB. 50% of my opponents are sitting down with 50-100 BB. We're both not deep stacked so I do need to make some adjustments for some of the tables I'm playing. I need to figure out whether I should be calling an all-in for 40 BB on the flop when I'm holding QQ, JJ on a T high rainbow board.... (need to figure out where to find that info or how to work it out).

The more I learn about poker, the more I realise just how bad a player I really am!! LOL! Just writing this post has given me about 5 more things to think about that I haven't even posted about here..... Hopefully this blog will be the learning experience I need to improve my game.