Hi I'm Natalie and this is my first blog.

I'm keeping this blog as a record of my 2014 challenge to grind my way from 1c/2c NLH Full ring to 5c/10c  by the end of 2014 with proper bankroll management.

I've been playing poker now for about 5 years not really seriously, not really putting in enough time on study but on and of both online and at my local NPL pub games (with a few casino tournaments thrown in for good measure). I seem to make money playing live tourneys but lose it playing cash games. 2014 is the year I want to put in the time to improve my online cash games (since that's where I will be playing most of my poker with an 11 month old to look after).

My plan is to utilise the Poker School online live training sessions, review my sessions using Poker Tracker software and play 3-4 hour sessions at night when I return to work in January.

Hopefully by keeping this blog, it will keep me on track (and playing within my bankroll!)