As most of you already know, August is VIP Club month. As part of this promotion Pokerstars is randomly giving away ONE MILLION DOLLARS in cash and WCOOP tickets across 5 tournaments in september. If you’re currently a Bronzestar or Chromestar, and you make it to Silverstar this month, you get one ticket. This ticket can be used to register for one of the 5 giveaways.

I predict that I’ll make silverstar VIP by Sunday, so that will give me one ticket, which is awesome. I felt however, that I was leaving a great opportunity on the table if I didn’t try to get my hands on tickets for all 5 giveaways. Luckily for me Pokerstars is running these Trivia Satellites, where you can win additional tickets (top 1000 get a ticket). I made it my mission to win my other 4 tickets via this route. This mission was accomplished after playing exactly 9 satellites:

The Trivia Satellites run from August 12 - 18, so get your tickets while the getting is good. My strategy for these was to take one or two SMART early gambles, so that I had a stack to punish weak play near the bubble. As is typical for satellites, there comes a point when a lot of the players with a slightly above average stack will try to fold into the money. I usually just had an average stack or slightly below it at this point. But that didn’t really matter. What mattered most was that my stack was big enough to cripple the chances of the other players of winning a ticket, if they call my all-in and lose.

So basically, near the bubble (blinds are huge) I was all-in almost every hand (against the folders). The structure of these satellites is pretty fast, so if you try to fold your way into the money with an average stack, you might be unpleasantly surprised when the blinds gobble you up with just a few people to go. Using the aggressive bubble strategy, I was able to place in 4 of these satellites quite easily for my tickets.

With these out of the way, my next mission for this weekend is to make Silverstar VIP. This will give me my 5th and final ticket. So it’s back to the cash tables for me.

As you guys can see, I’m only 100 VPPs away. Once I hit Silverstar, I’ll write another blog post to show you guys how the changes I have been making to my game have affected my winrate and bankroll (graphs included).

Good luck at the tables!