This month started out pretty decent for me, then i ran into some things and i dropped in the standings quite a bit under my standards, So I decided to start researching the players at my tables as far as where they are in the rankings and how many games they have in to help me figure them out and how to play them, The players i did this on all had extremely large stacks all the time, I'm talking about double digit stacks and in doing so I noticed a pattern, most of them were either in their 1st tourney or 75% of their games were in the negative finishes. So started to ask myself are these players just that good and i'm just a very bad player. Well i did this for 2 days and the pattern is still there, So i wonder, is this just my imagination playing tricks on me or is this some kind of ploy here on PokerStars to attract more n more players to their site. I personally wish that the PSO would try and some way some how screen these players better as to not hurt the others who are here to learn and be a better player. TY all for reading, comments are welcome as always, good luck and i will see you all at the tables.