Goal #1 is to have FUN!!!!, Goal #2 is to make it to Positive Points, Goal #3 is to make it to the money Position, Goal #4 is to make it to the Final Table, Goal #5 is to win a trny and of course Goal #6 is to be the Monthly League Champion.....atleast once anyway lol.
Now with this being said i have learned from some of the players here at the PSO that in order to reach these goals there are a couple of things i need to do 1) DON"T get angry over being beat by a bad call and 2) PATIENCE. I learned that i fell victim to these 2 things and when you put these 2 together you will go a long way,I was in a trny yesterday in the later part, I forget what the blinds were but this is what happened, I'm on the button catch AKo, I have 3k in chips,SB has like 12k, Person in the #9 seat has like 9k, I push my 3k, SB folds all other players in follow suit, #9 player calls with J7 suited, a 7 hits the flop and i lose the hand and out of the trny,Now in my old ways i would have blown a gasket about this stupid call and gone off on this player but instead i typed in the chat box " lol nh gl ev1 ", the person to my left sez " I'm surprised your not sore about that ", I tell him " getting sore about it won't change anything although it was a BS call". I guess my point is this learn from what happens at the tables and how to cope with it because these things will happen along the road to being the best player you can be. So for those who read this remember, DON'T get angry and be PATIENT, Then and only then will you find yourself at the top of the mountain holding the big prize. Ty to all that have helped me in trying to reach my goals.