WCOOP 2010 is here! The action starts on September 5th, 2010 all the way until the 26th which is when event #62 – Main Event starts. The WCOOP is the largest online poker tournament schedule and it only gets bigger every year. The great thing about the WCOOP is that all events are played on the internet. Unlike the live events such as the WSOP or the EPT, the WCOOP does not have any travel barriers. Whether you live in the USA, Europe or Asia, etc, it can be a complete turn off from traveling overseas to the WSOP or EPT to try and win one of these events. Here’s when the WCOOP shines, the WCOOP lets you play conveniently from your home without traveling anywhere. It allows anyone to enter without having to book many nights of travel, endure with jetlag, or play days for a single tournament. This makes the WCOOP, truely, a worldwide tournament. The buy-in ranges cater to any serious poker player where we can expect entrants from all poker players rather than be burdened by buy-ins that deter others away. The other great thing about the WCOOP is that there are online qualifiers to these events where players can easily find a suitable qualifier with ample amount of time prior to the event. Not only will the prize for winning one of these WCOOP events be astounding, but you will be honored as a TRUE world champion with a gold bracelet and diamond bracelet. If you’ve been following my progress, you’ll notice that I’ve been entering many many online MTTs as of late. I want to being a World Champion by playing many events throughout the live and online circuits. The WCOOP 2010 is my first chance ever since my practice as of a couple months ago and I’m looking to make it pay off. Last Sunday, I final tabled 2 MTT’s for 3rd and 8th place so I’m going into this very confidently. I’ll be entering the majority of the Holdem events (both NL/LHE). Be sure to follow me at the tables and watch me give it all I’ve got! For more complete details on the WCOOP go to www.wcoop.com My blog has an image of my most likely tentative WCOOP 2010 Schedule. Things may change, and I may want to consider adding some events as well.