If you missed out on my live stream last time, well we’ve got something similar and with more poker coming up! If you’ve been keeping up with the Pokerstars: The Big Game, this week it’s showing loose cannon ‘Troy Howard’ taking on many big name pros! You’ll be seeing Rick Rahim, David ‘Viffer’ Peat, Antonio Esfandiarai, Chau Giang, and Barry Greenstein duel it out with him at the tables. Here’s the special part! I’ll be hosting this week’s weekly webchat about the big game! I’ll be hosting the webcast where you guys can come on to the site and ask questions about interesting hands and things like that that happened in this week’s big game. Be sure to watch all 5 episodes to get the most out of the webcast! The webcast will start on Saturday, 08/14/10 at 7pm ET for about 1 hour. Link to the webchat is here: Pokerstars Big Game Webchat