I don't know you, I don't know if your preferred gambling sanctuary is it at home, work or if your lucky enough to have an office space specifically for your art, but what I do know is simple logic. No matter where you are, what your playing and what state of mind you are in your environment can throw you completely off your game and in my experience can put you on tilt quicker then having your pocket rockets blown out of the water with deuce-seven off suite.

Your environment is something I don't think most people consider until they've actually experienced what it can do, take for example me, I'm not a pro, I'm not  a wealthy business owner, I'm an average guy that's between jobs whose average deposit is $20.00. So like what I assume to be the average player my access to the internet is a family computer... that's in my living room... where my family often is. Now don't get me wrong I love my family but when I'm on the bubble after playing for two hours and someone decides there gonna watch Jerry springer at full volume 5 feet away from me, it usually won't put me on tilt but it will make me not think my hands out fully and often I'll end up making an overly aggressive decision pre-flop when I should have just sat back and relaxed. That's what puts me on tilt.

So how do you solve this problem? Well I can't say that these things will work for everyone but I find they at least helped me a bit.

Music/Headphones- This is an obvious one but be careful for two big reasons first off you can't hear everything which means your gonna wanna pay a lot more attention to whats going on and secondly music can change your mood and your mood will affect your game.

Move your environment- If you have a laptop this is a pretty easy task plus lot of places offer free wi-fi so that makes it easier if you don't have a laptop maybe moving your computer to a different room or even telling everyone(in advance works best) that your gonna need to use the computer with no distractions for however many hours.

Eating crunchy food- This doesn't work for me but I've been told by at least one person that eating crunchy food especially chewing repetitively helps them drowned out the sound of everything else, this probably isn't the best tactic since you'll probably annoy everyone else at the table and put a big target on your head but if it works or if that's your goal have at her.

Watching/Listening to poker- This is the number one thing I suggest that works for me, I don't know why it works but listening to the W.S.O.P. makes me more focused then ever no matter how loud the other sounds get my brain stays focused on poker and the poker show, not the distraction.

Well I think this is good for my first blog post if anyone has any other suggestion feel free to shoot them my way, I always like feedback.

Have a good one, and remember- Thats poker, Eh?