In poker we try to hope for the best. Using the knoledge and odds to try and win that big poker hand. But sometimes you think you have the nut hand with AA and then out of no where someone beats you with 7 2. Ouch. Now that's what i call a bad beat.

 Do you think you have had the worst beats? Use Hand Replayer at to save your bad beats then coping and pasting in your reply message below. If you need help just ask. 

 I will look over hands posted and count up the number of replies to each one. Trying to find the Best of the Worst Beats. It's sometimes makes you crazy when it happens but posting it can make a laugh.

  Every Sunday I will select a winner and you will be deemed of having the "Best Bad Beat Of The Week". As the winner I will send you some of my luck and hope for the best.  

Here is an example of a somewhat bad beat.


  So, you think what it takes to have the best and lose? Post below and let the Bad Beats Begin.