First off it is glad to be back. everyone keeps asking me where did you go. Well i tried my hand at real money online i have done ok. But as i played for money online i was missing something. I wondered what that was, then i remebered it is the Family atomosphere here at PSO. I miss this place where everyone knows ur name and honestly thinks about there fellow player. We r like one big family we have the mean uncles the crazy aunt's the mother and the Father. If you been at this place long enough you know exactly what i am talking about. So i decided to come back, what have i learned since coming back, well some things change and some things will always be the same, I defintely enjoy the new influx of players that i have seen at the tables lately. I also enjoy the veteran's who haven't change any since i left. So i just wanted to say ty PSO for not changing and growing with the times. GL everyone