After two months of struggling to do much better than breakeven at 5nl full ring and hoping it was just bad luck, it was great to enjoy a much more successful month.

As you can see from the graph below, things really picked up for me in April.  A winrate just over 10bb/100 for the month brought my overall rate for the year so far back up over 5bb/100, and leaves me with no excuses left not to make the overdue move up to 10nl.

So I will be moving up, but at the same time I've decided to reduce my volume targets a bit. 45k hands/month was proving a little too demanding. I had hoped to exceed the daily 1500 hands often enough to earn some days off, but it just wasn't happening like that. Every day off sees me slip further behind and it becomes disheartening. So I'll set my sights on 35k per month from now on and hope to stay ahead of the target. It does mean my overall target to reach 25nl this year is now going to be harder to achieve, one step at a time, eh?

As I hope to be done with 5nl for the moment at least, here are my positional stats, nitty as they are, for the 150k hands I have played this year:

A few points of interest, and things I think I need to address:

1. Overall I still need to loosen up a bit preflop, probably just widen my ranges a bit all round.

2. I've been trying to increase my 3bet frequency. But the numbers still say I am too tight. Happy to have been restealing more from blinds but still need to find more spots to 3bet from late position.

3. Was surprised my aggression is as low as 2.02. I'm sure it used to be higher. I am cbetting plenty I think, so maybe I am just not playing draws aggressively often enough - playing draws against fish though, the value is in keeping the pot small until you hit.

4. I excluded headsup play from the report, as it would skew the numbers too much, but was disappointed to find I was only breaking even 2 handed. I thought my headsup play was better than that, specially against 5nl full ring players. Maybe I need to work on this, as table-starting is a great way to attract fish, as long as you are able to handle spells of headsup against whoever joins the table first.