I'm feeling pretty good posting this as I have managed to hit all my targets for January.  It's just one month, but so far my decision to be more specific in defining goals is looking a good one.

My basic target for the month, as stated in my previous blog post, was 45k hands at 5nl full ring. along with one hour study for every eight hours play.  It's taken about 4 hours of 6tabling per day to reach the target, but I have just completed the 45k hands. I've comfortably exceeded the study time target, watching videos, attending live trainings, and datamining in the HM2 database. As tables tend to get softer the later it gets in the day, I try to do the study first and play later. This also gets my mind tuned in before I open my first table.

One plan that didn't work out was to set myself a higher hands target for one week in the month, to get me ahead of target and able to take days off if I wanted/needed to, in the rest of the month. Unfortunately, that week coincided with my one downswing of the month, so I eased off on the volume until I got back into 'the groove'. I still think it's a good idea though, so I will probably revisit it. I will certainly need time off from the tables and better to allow for it in a structured way.

Despite what I've said previously about setting winrate and profit goals (can they really be called achievable, when factors beyond our control like running bad can blow us off course?), I still couldn't resist putting together a little spreadsheet showing how much I would make in profits and bonuses by year end if I put in the volume at the appropriate stakes and achieved some roughly estimated winrates. The winrates are really just guides, my best guess of what I might achieve. I don't want to put pressure on myself with these, but they at least give me a way of measuring how I am doing compared with expectations.

In fact, by the middle of January, I increased my 5nl winrate expectation from 5bb/100 to 7bb/100, as I was comfortably exceeding that at the time. My winrate immediately took a downturn after doing this (wouldn't you know it), but I recovered to finish with 7.29 bb/100 for the month. Very happy with that.

Here's my results graph for the month, showing the strong start and the downturn in week three:

2014 Results at end of Jan: 5nl

I also narrowly exceeded my carefully calculated vpp target, too, just topping 800 for the month. Pleasing to exceed the target, also pleasing that my calculations were so accurate!

For February my plan calls for another month at 5nl, before moving up to 10nl as long as I am still posting a decent winrate. I am tempted to move up or take shots sooner, but I have done a deal with myself. I won't jump the gun on moving up, but I won't find excuses to delay moving up when my plan tells me to, or move back down just for the sake of the 'comfort' factor. The latter is more likely to be a problem on past evidence.

Of course it's only the 30th today and there is another day of January to go. Not for me though. In order to keep my monthly targets nice and balanced I decided that my January would consist of 30 days and the 31st be the first day of a 29 day February