This time last year, I entered a couple of WBCOOP events. WBCOOP is a promotion specially for poker bloggers, and I surprised myself by getting a deep run in one of the tourneys.  The prizes were in the form of tournament tickets for SCOOP, (Spring Championship) which I ended up wasting because the schedule just didn't fit (not helped by the fact that I only play NLHE which severely limited my options). I didn't regret going for it though, as it was a fun friendly experience and good for my confidence and morale as a new-to-poker player to do so well. The field was pretty mixed, with more weak players than I expected, but also some who were clearly experienced and pretty tough to play against.

Now the WBCOOP is upon us again, and I certainly intend to enter. It might be a little optimistic to expect lady luck to shine on me again this year like it did last, but I plan to be in there giving it my best shot. My tournament play is a little rusty, as I have been finding in the occasional fpp tourney I enter. So some more practice is definitely in order.

I certainly recommend bloggers in the PSO to take a look at the WBCOOP and how to enter. As far as I can see, it's just a matter of posting a blog about it (which is what I am doing here), and sending them the url of the post. Then as I understand it, they give you tickets for the events. I have no qualms about advertising it, as it was, like I said, a friendly event, free to enter, and worth supporting.

If I win anything this time, I plan to definitely make time to play the relevant SCOOP event, even though I still am a NLHE-only player. In fact any prize money won I will be using to fund some forays into tournament play. My micro cash grinding is going well enough, but it would be good to intersperse it with some MTT play. Just the variation would be worth a lot in keeping my play fresh, and then of course there is the lure of the big win that, as we all know, is just around the corner.

Talking of variations, I've begun experimenting with 2-7 Single Draw Lowball and it does look interesting. I just came across it on the net, being talked of as an up-and-coming game. I'm just playing play money so far, while I get the hang of it. The fact that there is little tuition available around the web for this game is both a good and a bad thing. It means much harder work in figuring out a decent strategy, but the reward is that all the other new players will have the same problem, leading them to continue making basic mistakes for longer.

Maybe by the time next year's WBCOOP comes around they will include a 2-7 lowball game and I will be an expert and crushing all comers.