I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself, having hit the $200 mark with my bankroll, having started from zero and worked up from freerolls onwards. I know it's a modest achievement, and sure, it's taken me the best part of a year, but learning the game from scratch has been quite an education. I'm really grateful to The Langolier for his live training videos (I'd love to have attended more of the actual live trainings, but the times rarely fit with my timetable) and the other trainers and helpful forum posters. PSO has been really good to me so far and I have learned from a lot of different people here. I have a long way to go to actually get good at this game, but I believe I have made the first steps towards becoming a decent winning player.

My next step is to move up to 5NL cash games, having consistently beaten 2NL. I feel my game and confidence has come on a lot since I switched from S&G to cash games. I did well and had fun at the S&G games, but playing cash tables has forced me to develop and refine my game continuously, and to discover the importance of consistency. Sticking to no more than 2 tables at a time has also helped I think, as my handreading has started to become a strength rather than a weakness, at least at the 2NL level I have been playing at. Now to see how 5NL treats me.