So, I took a couple of months away from poker. Other time committments coincided with a definite downswing, so I decided to take abreak. I didn't intend to stay away so long, but now I am back it feels good to be playing again. I feel very positive and refreshed. And I have a new PSO skill league system to find my way around. First impressions are good, I do like the look of the two tier system. The only downside for me is having taken a break I have no FPP points from last month. So I will probably wait till September before having a proper tilt at the league.

My first week back I have opted for cash games, first time I have really played them apart from when cramming for the 20FPP needed  for Skill league purposes. So far it has played out like a dream. 2-tabling 2NL (1c/2c no limit), I have run really well. 34bb profit per 100 hands over 1700 hands. I can't expect to keep running so well, but if I can keep up a decent winning margin I plan to work my way up to 4 tables, then if I can get the bankroll up to $200, I will step up to 2c/4c tables.

Back in April I posted a question in the forum about which games I should play to build up my small bankroll and got good advice from several posters. XXChris123 gave an excellent reply suggesting I hammer the 1c/2c tables until ready to move up. At the time, I decided I preferred s&g play and concentrated on the micro stake 50/50s instead. I made some progress before hitting a nasty downswing. Now I am back I am taking his advice and I must say it feels like the right move. The experience I am getting now should stand me in good stead, and my reading of villains seems to have come on a lot in a short time.

See you at the tables